Your First Choice – Alpha Security

So why would you choose Alpha Security products to prevent shoplifting? One word explains it all – versatility.

Alpha Security retail anti-theft devices are created to be the solution to all of your individual inventory needs. One size fits all might work with some things, but not to prevent shoplifting. In order to truly protect your inventory assets, you need to have retail anti-theft devices that are specific to your needs.

For example, why use a conventional hard tag on your jewelry when you have options of either the Alpha Jewel Lok or the Alpha Fashion2 product? The Alpha Jewel Lok is designed to attach a retail anti-theft device onto the actual merchandise, not the accessory cards. The Alpha Fashion2 alarm is a small hard tag that will do a much better job at keeping your accessories and jewelry safe than the larger conventional tags.

Alpha Security didn’t just stop with the jewelry and accessory department. They created viable solutions in each department and also in several different types or retail. From clothing to liquor to grocery, there is a solution for almost every way to prevent shoplifting.

Visit the Loss Prevention Store for Alpha 2Alarm, Alpha 3Alarm, Alpha Fashion2, Alpha Jewel Lok, Alpha Nano Gate,  Alpha Shark Tag, Alpha Spider Wrap and other retail anti-theft devices from Alpha Security to use in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system that can help you prevent shoplifting in your business.

For more information on how you can use Alpha Security retail anti-theft devices and your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system to prevent shoplifting contact us or call 1.866.914.2567