Your Attitude About “Prevent Shoplifting Loss” Is Paramount

Someone told me a short time ago that they did not have a shoplifting problem and that “their” customers would not do that to them. Wow, what do you say to this? We know from reliable studies that shoplifting makes up about 35% of retailers losses (employee theft is about 45%). For a retailer to have that attitude simply tells me that this person is asleep at the switch. His business, a gift type store, is a clear target. “Prevent Shoplifting Loss” is not even on his radar.

Many times we run into retailers that feel that if they are paying the bills and got some money at the end of the month that they are doing well. It doesn’t matter that shoplifters or employees are stealing. The sad part about this is that with just a little effort they could have much more money on the bottom-line. This is money or profit that they are already making. They just let it slip out the door.

Consider the cost to put in a Checkpoint system. It is a very small investment in both dollars and labor. The payoff is higher profits as the system generally pays for itself in six to eight months.

But even worse an attitude like this is frightening. To not use even good customer service skills to detect and prevent shoplifting loss is simply asking for shoplifters to hit you. Once you become known as an easy target it is like fly’s to honey. As with anything else attitude can be most of the problem. If that retailer does not understand that shoplifters are out there and take proactive measures to prevent shoplifting what do you imagine his employees think? They simply do not care.

In the long run retail is like life: survival of the fittest. If you are not stronger, smarter and faster than your competition then you are simply someone else’s dinner.

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