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What maybe holding you back to prevent shoplifting is your own attitude? Retailers should look with in themselves before they invest in any systems or equipment such as CCTV. If you have an attitude of not attacking your shoplifting problem through customer service then you probably do not have a good foundation to build on. Any equipment or systems you add will simply be an investment that never pays off.

Customer service is the main tool to prevent shoplifting losses. Real customers love customer service, shoplifters hate it. The exciting part of this is that the more you do the better your sales. If your staff is aggressive with good customer service, knowing the products your store sells and is not adverse to approach each and every customer your sales will increase. And as important “add on sales” will increase. For example if an employee is assisting a customer who is purchasing an product that takes accessories is that employee discussing the good and bad points of those items. Are they making recommendations and offering additional items?

Doing this will expose the shoplifter. Shoplifters react differently. Shoplifters will resist the attention. Of course, some legitimate customers will not need as much attention but an experienced employee will notice differences such as a lack of interest in the product being purchased and indifference about price.

So what does your employee do now? If they suspect that the “customer” is possibility a shoplifter this is not the time to back off. If the “customer” is resisting customer service then the employee should stay in the area and be very visible. This will frustrate the vast majority of shoplifters. In many cases the shoplifter will move on to an easier target, your competitor.

Your store will earn the reputation as the place that provides good customer service. That will spread by word of mouth. Friends do tell friends. This will also happen with shoplifters. Shoplifters do talk and will share this information. Then the shoplifters themselves will be helping to prevent shoplifting in YOUR store.

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