Wrap Your Head Around It – Alpha Spider Wrap

What is the single biggest reason why employees find discarded packages?  Shoplifters were attempting to eliminate the EAS tags. Most of the experienced shoplifters and professional thieves are aware that EAS tags are kept inside product packaging.

The next question- is there retail anti theft devices, which will effectively keep the product inside the package until it was purchased?

Lucky for us, there is.

Alpha Security makes the Alpha Spider Wrap.

I know that sounds like a complex series of web like strings intricately wrapped around product packaging. It sounds also like a potentially complex process to attach and detach when a customer buys the item.

In reality, The Alpha Spider Wrap is two bands that interlock around a box or other packaging that is susceptible to theft. There is a center disk that connects them and easily secures itself and detaches with the proper equipment.

Hardware stores are starting to use them extensively for power tools. That’s where I first stumbled across them. They have many more applications than just big boxes of power tools though. Just apply them to any boxes that you are having an issue with someone taking the product out of the box.

Most of the common shoplifting groups need a visual deterrent to prevent shoplifting. These retail anti theft devices also create an audible alarm within themselves. The audible alarm sounds when a shoplifter tampers with the Alpha Spider Wrap.

Visit the Loss Prevention Store for Alpha 2Alarm, Alpha 3Alarm, Alpha Fashion2, Alpha Jewel Lok, Alpha Nano Gate,  Alpha Shark Tag, Alpha Spider Wrap and other retail anti-theft devices from Alpha Security to use in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system that can help you prevent shoplifting in your business.

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