Win the Battle with Retail Anti Theft Devices

 There have been times in my career in retail loss prevention that it felt like it was impossible to prevent shoplifting.  For every thief that we caught, it seemed that there were plenty more to take his or her place.  For every employee that we fired for theft, there would soon be another one that we would hire.

 Preventing loss due to shoplifting is an important part of every business, and businesses cannot give up when it seems the fight is an impossible one to win.  In order to prevent shoplifting, the business owner has to have a mindset that the efforts that he or she is putting forth are for the better good – the profitability and very existence of the business.  Shoplifting can be that detrimental to business – it can mean the difference between being open and having to shut down.

 Retail anti theft devices are an option for retailers to explore if it seems that preventing shoplifting is becoming a losing battle.  These devices are affixed to your high theft and high end merchandise, and are a visual deterrent to shoplifters.  They also sound an alarm if they leave your business without being removed, and they are nearly impossible to remove without a key that your employees would have at the registers. 

 There are plenty of retail anti theft devices available for businesses to consider.  It is a minimal investment that can provide maximum rewards, such as recovered sales, minimized loss due to shrink, and peace of mind for the business owner. Being able to prevent shoplifting does not have to be a losing battle; it can be a winning one with retail anti theft devices.

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