Who is watching your back door?

Some bigger stores have the luxury of an employee only entrance. It is great to help mitigate and control internal theft. Usually these retailers have some sort of door guard or watchman. They check bags and refunds as well as signing off on employee purchases. They can also keep an eye out for any live retail anti theft devices that may have accidentally (or otherwise) not been deactivated.

 For the rest of us, it is not always that easy. While there might still be an approved entrance and/ or exit there is always a back door. The back door is generally used for trash and receipt of deliveries. Any security measures taken there are not specifically designed to prevent shoplifting, but rather to prevent employee theft.

 Unless there is someone watching this door, this is a big area for employee theft to happen. Many employees will try to find ways to sneak merchandise out the back.

 This is where a device like the Nano Gate comes in handy. It is compact in design enabling it to hang discreetly on a wall out of the way of damage. The big bulky EAS towers would not be conducive to receiving a truck full of merchandise boxed up. A Nano Gate would be a much better fit.

 By having an extra alarm creates one more step an employee stealing would have to thwart. They would no longer be able to sneak EAS tagged merchandise out the back door and try to deactivate tags in the privacy of their own home. The Nano Gate would, if nothing else cut down on the high dollar items walking out the back.

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