Where You Going? – Alpha 3 Alarm

Most of us are aware that equal parts effective customer service, and consistent use of retail anti theft devices are needed when trying to prevent shoplifting in your store. However, it is a matter of when each part is most effective and should be utilized.

Let me explain, at some point, your associates have to stop engaging a shoplifter and attend to other tasks. Even when you know that they will steal, at some point, you may have to back off.

I have spent countless hours watching shoplifters, so I know the time involved to prevent shoplifting. One time I spent half an hour “cleaning” the fitting room, because there was a girl inside, who was going to steal a shirt, and wasn’t going to do it while I was around. Eventually, I had to go attend to another managerial issue that could not wait. Sure enough, as soon as I left, the girl took the shirt.

This is a prime example where retail anti theft devices can pick up where customer service lets off.

Not only did I lose the shirt, but I also lost the thirty minutes of productivity (and a bit of my ego) in the process.

Had we used some of the Alpha Security Alpha 3 Alarms, we never would have been in that situation. The Alpha 3 Alarms act like a normal EAS tag that sounds at the doors. Additionally, Alpha Security made sure that the tags would alarm if they were tampered with by, say a shoplifter in a fitting room? They also create an audible on the tags so if the shoplifter just makes a break for it without removing the alarm, the audible will sound from the product as they continue to run from the store- so you and everyone else will know where they are.

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