What Level Is For You? – Alpha 3 Alarm

I know that there are different EAS tags and devices out there, but when I first started researching products, I didn’t know what exactly is the difference between the Alpha Security Alpha 2 Alarm and the Alpha 3 Alarm retail anti theft devices.

It didn’t take me long to realize that Alpha Security had created different levels of protection against in store theft.

The most basic level is the typical EAS system.  A product has a tag that alarms when the tag passes through the field generated by two towers at an exit door. We see this format in just about every big box retailer out there.

But what if you are trying to prevent shoplifting by more experienced shoplifters? This is where the need for Alpha 2 Alarm occurs. This device has an audible alarm that comes directly from the retail anti theft device if it is tampered with. So not only does the EAS device sound off at the door if it is not deactivated, but it also sounds if it is tampered with inside the store.

Now if you are still looking for the big daddy of alarms, use the Alpha 3 Alarm. It has the alarm capabilities of both levels one and two. But the biggest difference is that an Alpha 3 Alarm will sound if the retail anti theft device (and the product) leaves the store without being paid for. So the screech of the alarm will not stop at the doors. It wills stay with the EAS device – and more importantly the product. This makes the shoplifter even more conspicuous than what they want to be.

In a nutshell, the alarms signal the level of protection in preventing shoplifting.

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