What is the relationship between Prom and a Jewel Lok?

Prom is a magical time in a young girls’ high school experience. The anticipation and excitement of being asked to a formal dance is pivotal in the sequence of events leading up to the big night.  The dinner and dance is a gateway into the “adult” world. There is even the glamour of riding around in a limo for some. It is truly a memorable night. Nobody could be considering talking about Prom and Retail anti-theft devices in the same sentence, right?

Unfortunately, it can also be a very expensive night. By the time you add up the shoes and hair and dress, dinner, limo, corsage, accessories… the expenditure can become equally memorable.

With all the expense and peer pressure to look one’s best, some may turn to shoplifting to supplement their pocketbook rather than forgo an added expense like accessories. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for peer pressure to seduce an impressionable teenager.

It goes without saying as a retailer that your goal must be to continually improve your store’s bottom line by implementing procedures and systems that will effectively prevent shoplifting. Utilizing the most up-to-date retail anti-theft devices must become a priority to stay ahead of the game. Using Jewel Lok for accessories will more than pay for itself in peace of mind and the bottom line when Prom season rolls around.

Our Jewel Loks, specifically designed for accessories like earrings, replace flimsy backs with embedded soft tags that can be discarded. Jewel Loks keep everything in place until purchase and make accessories practically impossible to steal.

Become proactive; use Jewel Lok to keep your accessories under the kind of lock and key that assures your inventory is well protected from the temptations that sometimes overwhelm the Prom shopper.

Visit the Loss Prevention Store to find retail anti-theft devices that can be used in conjunction with Electronic Article Surveillance (or EAS) systems that can help prevent shoplifting year round in your business.

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