What can retailers do to prevent shoplifting?

The crime of shoplifting occurs daily and industry analysts believe thieves recover nearly $25 million in stolen merchandise each day.  In order to prevent shoplifting retailers must be armed with the information and equipment to combat the rising shortage numbers.  Retail anti theft devices such as EAS systems, ink tags and lanyards prevent shoplifting through deterrence by creating an unattractive environment for shoplifting to fester and thrive.

 Loss prevention professionals believe good customer service is the best deterrent and will prevent shoplifting by enhancing the shopping experience.  Many of the nation’s leading retailers have the budget to employ small armies of undercover security personnel that will physically detain shoplifters but this approach to controlling shrinkage comes with significant liability considerations.

 A company I once worked for always trained its loss prevention personnel that deterrence is the best policy and to focus more on eliminating opportunities for shoplifters. Customer theft accounts for less than 40% of annual shrink and the rest comes from employee theft or administration lapses.  If you can control your merchandise you can control your shortage number.  Retail anti theft devices are easy to use and do not adversely impact your commitment to outstanding customer service because they can be removed conveniently during the checkout process. 

 Retailers are now learning to adapt to the emerging trends and many large department store chains have been redesigned to accommodate best practices for retail anti theft devices.  Most shoplifters are opportunists so reducing your merchandise’s exposure should be a priority and is a proven method in mitigating annual shortage. 

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