What can I do to Prevent shoplifting in my store?

There are many ways that you may be able to prevent shoplifting in your business. Ways that the average business owner may not think of, but that are important none-the-less. Loss prevention experts can analyze the aspects of your business and offer up important advice on how to reduce your losses from shoplifting.


For example, store design should be taken into consideration. Registers should be near the entrance and exits of the business. This can prevent walkout thefts and also make a shoplifter nervous that they have to walk past where there are employees. Another way you can prevent shoplifting through store design is to not have aisles that stand too tall or create blind spots. You do not want to provide shoplifters a place to hide and complete their crime. Have mirrors in place to eliminate any potential blind spots, and also have good lighting so there are no dark corners for shoplifters to lurk.


Do not place high theft, expensive merchandise near the entrances and exits. Some bold shoplifters will simply “grab and go” by taking the merchandise and quickly getting out of the store. You are able to prevent shoplifting this way by placing this type of merchandise further back within your store, near employee work areas.


Another way you may be able to prevent shoplifting within your business is by keeping a neat and organized store. If your employees know the merchandise and what is on the sales floor, they are more apt to notice when merchandise is missing. This is also a good prevention tactic for employee theft. Employees will be less likely to steal if they know that it will be quickly noticed. Having good inventory audit programs will also allow you to keep tabs on your merchandise and notice right away when something is missing.


In order to reduce your losses, you have to think like a shoplifter, and then react by creating an environment less desirable to most shoplifters. If you do these things you will be able to effectively prevent shoplifting in your business.


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