What Are You Doing to Prevent Shoplifting

It’s happening in your stores, have you thought about ways to prevent shoplifting?  Many retailers are in the same boat as you. Shoplifting is happening in stores, yet most have done nothing to prevent it. Well, one of the easiest and probably the most beneficial ways to prevent shoplifting is by using checkpoint systems.

I walked into a store in downtown and looked at the installation crew and the new checkpoint systems. The store had been without any real protection since the store staff was reduced to a bare operating minimum. Recently, the store had seen a spike in shoplifting activity, and we felt the problem would only get worse without any form of protection. Negotiating with the corporate office to install a checkpoint system was a fairly easy task. We explained what was going on, how the store was dealing the rising issues and what checkpoint system could do to prevent shoplifting.

The project was finished. Almost as soon as the power was turned on, the store noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of shoplifting incidents. Prior to the installation, the store continuously complained of shoplifters. Today, the store is operating well, loss has been reduced over 3% Year to date, and a great deal of the reduction is directly attributed to the use of Checkpoint systems.

As consultant, travelling from store to store, when I walk into a building the first item I look for are the antenna of the security system at the front of the store. If I see the system in place, I’ll test its usage. Almost any store I see using these types of theft prevention systems are thriving and experience lower levels of theft. If you are in the position to purchase checkpoint systems, don’t wait, do it today.

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