What Are You Doing to Prevent Shoplifting?

Retailers must ensure that they are doing all they can to prevent shoplifting.  Shoplifting is a serious problem and must be met with serious solutions.  Retailers that create an environment in their stores that makes it difficult for shoplifters to conduct their criminal activities will be successful in reducing their inventory losses.  There are a few measures that retailers can take that will have an instant impact on reducing inventory losses and prevent shoplifting.

            It should be the goal of every retailer to create an environment of shoplifter awareness.  Attentive associates are always the first line of defense in the fight to prevent shoplifting.  Associates should be trained in identifying suspicious behavior.  Shoplifters often have the same method of operation.  They will enter the store in hopes of catching an associate busy and unaware of their movement throughout the department.  The shoplifter wants uninterrupted time to steal the merchandise they want.  This is why attentive associates are important.

            However, it is not always possible for an associate to be there to prevent shoplifting from taking place.  This is the reason smart retailers invest in retail anti theft devices.  These devices act as a visible deterrent to shoplifting.  Retail anti theft devices is great at deterring shoplifting.  Shoplifters know that these devices are not easy to get around.  Security tags that are attached onto clothing are impossible to remove from clothing.  Merchandise that has RF security labels integrated into them is hard to identify and the shoplifter may be detected by a RF security system.

Having a well trained staff and the right retail anti theft devices in your store can mean major reductions in inventory shortages.  It is imperative that both of these measures be apart of an overall strategy to reduce the losses from shoplifting in your stores.  Preventing shoplifting is the responsibility of every associate, but even good associates need help.  Retail anti theft devices provides the help they need.

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