Ways To Prevent Shoplifting

In these days and times there are many different kinds of shoplifters, so it makes sense that there would be many different ways to prevent shoplifting. Some companies prefer to use a visible deterrent such as armed or unarmed security guards at the exits and valuable merchandise kept inside of cages or behind heavy glass guarded by lock and key to ensure that they don’t fall prey to any sticky fingers. Other company’s prefer a more covert security force, utilizing loss prevention agents in plain clothes who blend in with the customers and perform more discreet surveillance. They may also utilize an EAS system by Checkpoint Systems.

 Depending on the individual environment and needs of your business the latter may be a better fit for you. It has been proven that many customers tend to be put off by stores with such a menacing security presence. After all, nobody wants to feel like they’ve stepped into cellblock D of their local penitentiary when they come shopping for their next outfit. So it’s necessary to keep that in mind when you’re devising a plan to prevent shoplifting in your store.

 It has been said that when used in conjunction with one another a good CCTV system and a good EAS system are nearly unbeatable. Checkpoint Systems is, and has been the leader in EAS devices for some time now. They provide an option which allows the business owner to protect their more valuable, high-risk items without putting them out of the reach of customers who which to pay for them. At the same time, the Checkpoint System solutions make that same merchandise extremely unattractive to crooks enabling you to protect your bottom line while you simultaneously prevent shoplifting.

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