Watching profit not loss: Prevent shoplifting in your business

My employees that watch and catch shoplifters spotted an individual who concealed an electronic item between two pairs of pants, then entered the fitting room of the business. The fitting room attendant did not handle or touch the clothing, and therefore did not prevent shoplifting in this case.  The electronic item was stolen while the shoplifter was inside of the fitting room.

This is a common occurrence among our employees – a simple act such as handling the items going into the fitting room could have be enough to prevent shoplifting in this situation.  Training our employees to be aware of the techniques shoplifters use can go far to prevent shoplifting within your business.

Having a strong loss prevention program in place is beneficial in protecting the assets of a business.  Employing the expertise of a loss prevention consultant can make this daunting task a reality for businesses that may not know where to start in creating a program.

Once there are guidelines in place, employees can be trained to prevent shoplifting in their everyday work.  Some basic guidelines are to teach employees to pay attention to the shoppers in their area, and to provide good customer service.  A potential shoplifter does not want attention, so if attention is provided to every customer in your business, the shoplifter knows he or she has been noticed.  This is exactly what a shoplifter does not want.

Additional loss prevention ideas are to have controls in place in areas like your fitting room.  Fitting room attendants should handle the clothing that goes into the fitting room to make sure that merchandise is not concealed within it.  The attendant should also count and limit the number of garments going in, and then make sure that is the number that comes back out.

When you prevent shoplifting within your business, you decrease your shrink and increase your profits – common business sense.

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