Walking the Hard Line in Hardware

This is an extremely busy time for home improvement and hardware stores. With the beautiful weather, people are anxious to get their spring-cleaning and spring to do lists underway.

 There is nothing better, especially as a home owner, than to be able to throw open all the windows, open a can of paint and redo the hideous looking walls that have been staring at you all winter long.

 It’s also nice to be able to head outside and start work on the garden, the lawn and out in the makeshift –garage- wood- working shops to work on whatever project takes hold of your creativity.

 The down side to all of this hard work and renewal is that tools are a hugely popular theft item.

 Spider wraps seem to be a reliable deterrent, which is a good thing. Before I worked in loss prevention for a hardware store, I had no idea the scope of a stolen tool. Believe me, its actually pretty lucrative.

 Tools end up in pawnshops and e-bay being sold as new in box sales. They are also big on being sold at construction sites. Did you know that most contractors/ construction workers have to supply their own tools? There are plenty out there that are willing to pay less than retail with no questions asked.

 As a result, retail anti theft devices have to go beyond just a soft tag. Spider Wraps seem to fit the bill. A little more complex, they are harder to defeat. I have seen just how effective a Spider Wrap on a tool is in preventing shoplifting.

 Visit the Loss Prevention Store for retail anti theft devices in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system that can help you prevent shoplifting in your business.

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