Using common sense to Prevent shoplifting

     One of the strongest tools that all retailers have to Prevent shoplifting is common sense. There are so many signs that can help retailers prevent theft from their business. There are many Retail anti theft devices to help combat shoplifting both externally and internally. But without common sense these tools are useless.  One of the first things retailers can do is to properly train their staff on how to help Prevent shoplifting by providing something as simple as customer service. One of the things I would tell staff members is to greet all customers and continue to offer assistance. A shoplifter is looking for any area that is empty, so the last thing they want to see is a staff member continuously asking them if they need assistance.

      One of the other functions that I conducted was to make sure that all staff members were trained properly on the use of the Retail anti theft devices that they are going to be using daily. Since your staff is another layer of protection to Prevent shoplifting the more training you give them the more protection you have within your business. The most important thing to understand about how to Prevent shoplifting is that there are many types of Retail anti theft devices at your disposal so make sure that you use them all starting to the one we all have common sense.

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