Use Shark Tags to prevent loss due to wear and return Prom Dresses.

It’s hard to believe, but Prom for most schools is only a few months away.  This is a time that can be both profitable and costly for many retailers who sell formal gowns.  My experience has been that a lot of customers (especially in this down economy) follow the practice of buying the dress and then returning it after the dance.  This causes several problems.  One, the store spent a lot of time and effort to sell the product and doesn’t need the refunds hitting the bottom line.  Additionally, many dresses are returned (with the claim they have never been worn) and are damaged.  This is shrink that the stores will incur.  To combat this issue I suggest using retail anti theft devices, such as the Shark Tag from Alpha Security.

 There are many retail anti theft devices on the market today.  Most are designed to prevent shoplifting.  These retail anti theft devices are usually sensor tags that sound an alarm when a customer decides to steal them.  These are great tools to prevent shoplifting, but they can’t help the wear and return issue.  The Shark Tag is different.  The Shark Tag is a plastic tag that pinches (not punctures) into place on the clothes.  These are best when used in conspicuous places like the middle of the chest area.  The customer has to take it off (or look ridiculous) before they wear the product.  Since most store’s refund policy excludes taking back worn items, this helps you prove that the item as has been warn.  Instead of arguing over whether or not the customer is lying about wearing the product you can simply point out that without the Shark Tag in place the store can’t do the refund.  Problem solved.

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