Use retail anti theft devices to keep the upcoming “trick or treating” out of your store!!!

We all know that some customers “treat” themselves to our products without paying for them.  Additionally, we have all seen some “tricking” in our stores as well.  This may be in terms of running various scams aimed at getting products and services without paying for them or it could be more malicious and be property destruction and hold ups.  Whatever the form, it is important that we use retail anti theft devices in order to prevent shoplifting and protect our stores from the mischief that abounds.

 There are several great retail anti theft devices that can be used in the fight to prevent shoplifting, hold ups and property destruction.  One such device is the time tested Electronic Article Surveillance system (or EAS).  This system involves applying sensor tags to products and then setting off an alarm when the unpaid for products leave the store.  The newer systems by Checkpoint and Alpha Security work on an RF frequency and produces few “ghost alarms” (or false alarms) so they are much more reliable than the systems of old.

 Another option to use cameras and Public View Monitors (aka PVM’s).  Cameras are great because they record the activity in the store and provide crucial evidence when prosecuting offenders.  They also give you the ability to “go back in time” and see what happened when you went looking.  It is a great investigative tool that can’t be undersold.  When you use PVM’s you also add to the deterrent effect.  Ghouls, goblins and other criminals don’t want to be caught committing their misdeeds.  Knowing that they are being recorded will deter many from attempting serious offenses such as armed robbery and vandalism.  It is too easy for police to track them down so you increase the safety of your customers and employees by using these tools.

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