Use merchandising to help you prevent shoplifting.

Many business owners know how impactful merchandise presentation can be for sales.  Did you also know it has a huge impact on your ability to prevent shoplifting as well?  It does.  Shoplifters, especially professionals, aim to get in the store, steal your merchandise and exit as rapidly as possible.  To this end where and how you have your merchandise set up plays a large role in your susceptibility to being stolen from.

 For example, you don’t really want to put your most expensive merchandise right by the door.  The expensive merchandise is best suited closer to the register where associates can keep an eye on it.  Same rule of thumb goes for small and easy to conceal items.  You will want to put those near the register.  They make good impulse buys as the legit customer is going to the register anyway.  This also keeps the small stuff under the watchful eyes of the employees.

 Additionally, I recommend using retail anti theft devices to aid in your attempts to prevent shoplifting.  One great product that serves to aid in merchandise presentation and product security is the Keeper case from Alpha Security.  These cases can be used to hold that small product and keep it from being easily stolen.  Unlike a locking cabinet, the customer can still handle the merchandise themselves as it is openly displayed.  This is great for sales as customer like to be able to self service themselves up until checkout.  The cashier uses a key to remove the item from the Keeper and customer service is not impacted, but shoplifting opportunity is.

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