Unlock my product and still prevent shoplifting. Say whaaat???

If you have spent any time in business you know the key to success is to anticipate your customer’s needs and have a solution waiting.  On the converse, in order to maintain business you have to prevent shoplifting among the many areas that can drain your profits.  One key to prevent shoplifting is to utilize retail anti theft devices.

 There are a variety of retail anti theft devices that can be used.  An increasingly popular solution is Safer cases produced by Alpha.  I have started using these cases in my stores and have seen a huge impact.  The Safer cases are clear hard plastic cases that you actually lock the product up in.  Now I already hear the complaints, but I urge you to hear me out.  I am not talking about locking up merchandise in case lines.  We all know that customers are less likely to buy something that they have to wait for an associate to get for them.  These cases are individual boxes.  They stock on the shelf and the customer can still get the product themselves and take it to the register.  The cashier then simply removes the product from the case (in seconds) and rings the product up.

A real benefit to this is you can actually remove those high dollar items from the locked cabinets and put them in Safer cases.  This will still secure the product and prevent shoplifting while also growing sales as it makes the product much easier for your customer to access.

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