Too loose, too tight, too heavy, too light

Oh loose jewelry, how I detest loose jewelry. It never fails that every time I walk by a spinner of loose jewelry like necklaces or bracelets, I always see a huge mess.

 Some of the price tags have been torn or ripped off. Necklaces are twisted together and bracelets never seem to fit back on to whatever peg they came from. I also see the remnants of the hang tags stuffed into odd corners of the store, presumably from shoplifters trying to defeat any retail anti theft devices (like soft tags) that may be hidden within.

 When we try to prevent shoplifting, it is very important not to compromise the visual aesthetics of a counter top display or even a display mannequin with our security tags.

 The Jewel Lok is one of the best solutions to numerous difficulties that loose jewelry presents.

 To start with, the Jewel Lok only weighs about 5 grams, which is very little weight. It won’t drag a necklace down or make a bracelet hang weird in a presentation piece.

 It is also very small in size, so it can be discreetly placed on a piece of jewelry, and no one would see it.

 The Jewel Loks are also made out of a strong metal lock, almost like a mini padlock. You would have to destroy the jewelry before you could cut or otherwise remove the Jewel Lok without the proper detachers.

 The hook is coated in plastic, so it won’t damage or scratch your product.

 While the Jewel Lok won’t reorganize my necklaces and bracelets for me, it will keep them from being stolen.

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