To prevent shoplifting everyone must all work together

     When a business looks at ways on how to prevent shoplifting they have to look at every aspect of their business.  They have to look at what areas of the store are more vulnerable than others. They use Retail anti theft devices to protect their merchandise in the store. But to prevent shoplifting it takes every employee to become part of the preventive measures.

      Business owners must show their staff how to use the Retail anti theft devices properly. When they educate their staff they are helping their business lower their losses. The staff is the first line of defense in the battle that all retailers must endure to prevent shoplifting, internal theft and paper work error.  

      Retail anti theft devices come in all different shapes and types to be used in protecting various items from clothing items to electronics items. But along with the use of these devices to prevent shoplifting employers must show employees method of being proactive to prevent theft. Employees need to understand that doing things such as greeting customers that enter a department and reporting suspicious situation to management or security.

      Employees must understand that they are all an important part to securing the assets of the store along with the Loss prevention staff. So for any business to have a successful program to prevent shoplifting the entire staff needs to be involved. Depending on the use of Retail anti theft devices alone will not make for a successful security program. The only way for a business to succeed in protecting their asset is if all employees work together as a team.

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