Tips to Prevent Shoplifting – Atlanta Georgia

There are many different ways to prevent shoplifting these are just a few that I have found useful over the years. I might be a little twisted but I’m a firm believer that fear is a useful tactic when trying to deter a thief. Therefore I strongly suggest posting signs throughout your establishment, especially in high-risk departments and in or around fitting room, bathrooms, etc. These signs should convey your policy against shoplifting and your complete willingness to prosecute anyone caught participating in the act. Now, don’t go crazy. You still want to make your store a comfortable environment for your honest clientele.

 Avoid tall displays or large hanging signs that can block the view of sales associates or the line of sight of CCTV cameras. Avoid clutter. Clutter is a shoplifter’s best friend. Anything they can do to confuse you or disguise their activity works to their benefit. Therefore, they hate clean, open spaces. They make it easier for you to spot something that is missing or out of place and make it harder for them to make a clean getaway.

 The best way to prevent shoplifting is still the use of great customer service. Make sure your employees are constantly walking the sales floor and offering help to all customers. The legitimate customers will find their attentiveness helpful. The shoplifters will find them to be a nuisance – exactly what you want. Train your employees on a discreet way to communicate the presence of a shoplifter. I find that a coded page over the loud speakers for a “Mr. Randolph” or “Mrs. Coakley” works well. All associates instantly know that a shoplifter is present yet the thief has no idea that they now have several sets of eyes on them. Used properly these tips will undoubtedly help prevent shoplifting in your store.

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