Tips and Tricks to Prevent Shoplifting

Sometimes it is the little things that can become big ways to prevent shoplifting. A primary example is to arrange your shelving and displays to maximize the viewing area for your cashiers. For locations that are tougher to see you can use convex mirrors or cameras that are attached to monitors located at the front of your store.

 Shoplifters prefer not to be seen and if you are not careful you could create a great environment for theft without realizing. If you keep everything open and long line of sights, a potential shoplifter will feel as though they cannot move without being seen by someone.

 Another thing to remember is to keep your less expensive items close to the doors and the more expensive items further away. This will make it tougher for the shoplifting “track stars” that instead of trying to be stealthy, prefer to grab and item and 40 yd dash out your front door.

 Also, having helpful and friendly personnel great all of your customers can greatly reduce shoplifting as well. When an employee makes eye contact and greets your customers, it will make your paying customers feel welcomer but will also make your thieves realize that there is now someone who can identify them.

 If you find yourself still losing too much profit to people with sticky fingers, I would recommend purchasing an Electronic Article Surveillance system or as I like to call it, “one of those things that go beep beep beep when someone steals something” system. With one of these systems, you tag the merchandise that you do not want stolen and if someone tries to, even the track star, the system will alarm and let you and your associates know that a piece of merchandise is leaving the store when it shouldn’t.

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