Think like a shoplifter to prevent shoplifting!

It can be much more challenging to prevent shoplifting than most people realize.

You have to sometimes put your self in the thief’s shoes and for an honest business owner it can be difficult. If you really want to effectively prevent shoplifting you need to be able to think like a shoplifter.

 You know product is walking out your door without being paid for and you just can’t seem to grasp how? Well put yourself in the shoplifters shoes and see if you can figure it out. Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective.

 Here are some tips for what to look for:

 1)     What type of products are going missing? Are they small items that can be slipped into pockets? Is it clothing? Is it possible that several things are going missing at once disguised as other things, perhaps slipped into boxes of larger items?

2)     Where in your store are things going missing from? Is it an area or possibly multiple areas that aren’t frequently passed by sales clerks? Behind high shelves? In corners?

3)     When are you noticing things are gone? Is it the end of the night when you’re sales people are cleaning and find tags on the floor or in shelves? Are you noticing lots of empty clothing hangers around your fitting rooms or empty spaces on shelves? Or does it not show up until inventory time?

 When you start looking for these types of clues it becomes increasingly easier to identify solutions and prevent shoplifting in your business. You may have shoplifters enter your business but by noticing these things you can be better equipped to protect your merchandise from their sticky fingers.

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