They don’t help if you don’t use them right

The other day I was out shopping with my wife at one of her favorite retail clothing stores.  It is one of those places that offers bargains and sale prices on big name items in the fashion community and has on hand everything from shoes, perfumes, clothes, handbags, and even cookware.  As I was staring off into oblivion (as I am unable to maintain interest in a store that offers nothing to those of us with a Y chromosome) I noticed something that actually roused me from my self-induced stupor.

It was as we were walking through the part of the store where they kept the handbags.  The bags are on racks and hang by their straps to save space and provide ease of access and, upon inspection I noticed the majority of them had 2 Alarm tags affixed to them.  In and of itself, the application of 2 Alarm tags, or ANY retail anti theft device on designer handbags was nothing special.  Rather, it was HOW the 2 Alarm tags had been affixed that caught my eye.

On almost every bag I came across, the 2 Alarm tags had been placed on the most ineffectual part of the bag possible.  Rather than thread a heavy ring or loop of any of the bags, the tags had been secured AROUND the straps themselves.  These meant that anyone wishing to remove them would only need to unlatch one side of the adjustable strap and simply slide the tag right off the purse. 

I doubt it had been intentional but it was so blatant I had to tell the store management about the oversight.  There’s no point having retail anti theft devices if they aren’t going to be used effectively.

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