There’s Nothing you can do to Prevent Shoplifting

Do you feel like you can’t do a thing to prevent shoplifting in your business? Maybe you’re missing something. Many businesses around you sell similar merchandise but don’t have nearly the shrink problem of yours. Why?

 Here are some basic cost effective ways you may never have thought of.

 Greeting your customers at the door is a great way to show that you are welcoming them into your business. Making eye contact lets them also know you have acknowledged their being in your store. Shoplifters don’t want to be acknowledged at all. If they realize that you can identify them they are less likely to chance a quick theft.

 Walking your sales floor will help you keep an eye on the corners and aisles of the store that have the biggest theft problems while also making yourself available to customers who need help on the sales floor.

 Listening to your employees and asking for their feedback is a great way to boost morale and find out if they are noticing any particular items being stolen. Your employees are your eyes and ears as a busy storeowner. They know when there are particular areas that need attention in your store. By paying attention to your employees and keeping them happy you cut back on employee theft as well.

 These simple practices will help you prevent shoplifting without much change to your daily business at all. If anything following these steps will increase your sales and decrease your loss significantly.

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