The Strength of The Cable – Alpha 2 Alarm

One of the most impressive parts of the Alpha Security Alpha 2 Alarm retail anti- theft device is not the actual alarm or the technology that is carried inside of these little devices. What is really impressive is the security cable that wraps around the merchandise and connects the tag.

When you attach the Alpha 2 Alarm, you want to be sure that it is going to do everything it can. That is why when they made their Alpha 2 Alarm to prevent shoplifting, Alpha Security thought about every single component.

This security cable is specially designed to not be cut. There is an exterior coating that protects your merchandise from catches and snags. The interior is super strong while remaining thin and pliable. You could try everything from kitchen scissors to wire cutters and the cable will remain uncut and undamaged.

Try as they might, shoplifters will not stand a chance of defeating these tags by trying to cut the cables. As we all know, if you can’t get the retail anti-theft devices off of the merchandise without a hassle, a shoplifter will put the item down and walk away.

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