The retailer guide on how to prevent shoplifting

As a retail loss prevention professional, one of my goals is to prevent shoplifting .

Working in stores as a loss prevention agent has really opened my eyes the needs and benefits of each individual location. What I can safely say, is that no two locations are similar. While one store location may suffer from intense shoplifting, another just a few miles away may see very minimal amounts.
Creating an action plan to prevent shoplifting will and does require some sit down and thinking time. What and how do you wanna go about it? Well, look at the business that you have. Do you want or need an obvious deterrent, similar to a security guard, uniformed, and standing at the front of your store? Or do you need or want a more discreet measure?

I had a store location in an upscale part of town, selling general merchandise. The area simply would not allow a uniformed security guard at the front of the store. What I mean by wouldn’t allow, is that the neighborhood would not shop a store with a guard standing inside. This would automatically be looked at as a negative. However, going to another store I had not 1.5 miles away, the public and employees requested uniformed guard presence to help prevent shoplifting. However, understanding that this store needed more of a discreet program.

I encourage senior management to go with the undercover agent program to catch shoplifters and prevent shoplifting. To this day, the program is effective and although there is no fool-proof way to prevent shoplifting, the store certainly has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of incidents.

Don’t forget to consider your neighborhood/clientele and the needs of the business when developing your action plans to boost profits through a proactive loss prevention environment.

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