The New Gate Keepers

Retail anti theft devices are getting more advanced in their technology. It’s not just a case of “do you want a hard or soft tag for that item”. The various ways to prevent shoplifting through the use of retail anti theft devices are more sophisticated. There is more consideration on aesthetics and customer impact than ever before. Take the Nano Gate for example:

 The Nano Gate is an alternative to the bulky pedestals at the entrance doors. Those pedestals are a great solution to prevent shoplifting because they do send a clear message. It lets the would be thieves and customers feel like they are walking into a fortress by having to walk through the pedestals flanking every possible doorway. They are not always the most pleasing to the eye, and are more intimidating by design. Effective? Yes. Fashionable? No.

 Smaller retailers and boutique settings could benefit from the Nano Gates’ more compact size and less aggressive looking overall design. They are still highly effective deterrents by working in conjunction with hard and soft tags as well as the newer, sleeker looking retail anti theft devices like the Jewel Lok.

 The Jewel lok is a form of hard tag designed specifically for smaller items like jewelry. The U shaped clasp slips easily onto an item without the need to pierce through the merchandise. It is a visual deterrent to prevent shoplifting. Like its counterpart the Nano Gate, Jewel Loks are much more pleasing to the eye.

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