The Many Ways To Prevent Shoplifting

I picked up my briefcase and headed for the front door of the store. It was my day to prevent shoplifting. As a young loss prevention agent, I was excited to work for my store. Each day, I looked to “catch” the dirty customer who decided to steal.

Starting my day, I’d walk each aisle looking for signs of theft, empty packages, shoplifting tools, etc. I’d then walk down the protected aisles. That is, merchandise that already had protection standards available, like checkpoint systems. For those that don’t know, checkpoint systems work to prevent shoplifting by being a visible and conspicuous presence both at the front of the store on the salesfloor. Most average shoplifters are immediately deterred at the mere sight of checkpoint systems. However, today, I was looking for the shoplifter who believed they’re smarter than checkpoint systems.

I rounded through the liquor aisle on my way back to the office. Dressed as a customer, and looking like I fit right into the crowd, I noticed a guy standing at the end of the aisle paying more attention to where the employees were instead of the merchandise in front of his face. I acted as if I were looking at a bottle, picked one up and left the aisle to where I could covertly observe the customers’ actions. The stores liquor aisle had merchandise protection designed to prevent shoplifting. The customer removed a bag from his waistband and selected several bottles from the shelf. Taking no time to attempt to defeat the security device, he headed for the front of the store. Hesitating as he got to the front, he looked back and forth, side to side, peeking for employees or persons following. The checkpoint systems activate, making an audible alarm as the liquor items approach. The shoplifter panicked, dropped the merchandise and ran from the store.

There are many ways to prevent shoplifting.

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