The low impact way to prevent shoplifting

Maybe you have a smaller store, or perhaps just don’t have a huge budget for retail anti theft devices.  If such is the case there is a simple method to scare off a large portion of your potential ‘opportunist’ shoplifters; deception. 

All it takes it creating the illusion you have a bigger network of retail anti theft devices than what you actually possess.  As I have said before, the most common way to prevent shoplifting is to use your tools as a deterrent first and foremost and focus your hands-on work for the tried and true criminals. 

Starting with the basics you should at the very least install Nano Gates at your entry points.  That right there generates the idea in the heads of those entering your store that you possess the items that work in concert with the Nano Gates.  Then, at your discretion (and within your plans/budget), you install retail anti theft devices on very visible and/or high value merchandise.  Be they Spider Wraps or Jewel Loks just make sure everyone sees that they are there. 

Finally, you want to remove as many blind spots in your store as possible, and maybe even put up a few false cameras.  While YOU will know that they are not real, the vast majority of potential shoplifters won’t and will avoid trying to pull anything while they suspect they are being watched.

It may not seem like a great way to spend your loss prevention budget, but as I said before, with just a few Nano Gates and the overall illusion that you are more secure than you actually are, you can trick thieves into leaving you alone before they even attempt anything.

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