The key to prevent shoplifting is S3.


For those that don’t know, S3 is part of Alpha security’s line of retail anti theft devices.  Alpha has a great line of retail anti theft devices aimed at helping you prevent shoplifting.

 I first became acquainted with Alpha security’s products a little over a year ago.  Now, I am a true believer in the quality and usefulness of their products.  Alpha products are designed for retailers who need more than the standard retail anti theft devices.  For example, hard line retailers in particular should love the ability to prevent shoplifting that these products offer.  Many times there aren’t a lot of great tools for boxed, large or odd shaped products.  Sensor tags work great for clothes, but how to you protect TV’s, computers, phones, cosmetics, razors, liquor bottles, handbags, etc? 

 Easy.  Keeper cases, bottle locks, spider wraps, S3 alarm tags, showsafe systems, etc.  Not only do all of these solutions work to prevent shoplifting of your high end products, but they are all designed with the goal of keeping your merchandise openly displayed and closer to your customer.  The result is increased sales without the sacrifice of security.  This is a truly unique set of solutions that will protect most any item you have to sale.  Did I mention they look good?  If not, let me say that I am impressed with the visual aesthetic of these products.  As business leaders we all know the importance of merchandising to “WOW” our customers.  Alpha keeps that in mind with their products and gives you the ability to still deliver that great first impression and prevent shoplifting.  Try it for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.

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