The Game Changer- Alpha Jewel Lok

What if there was a way to prevent shoplifting that was designed specifically for jewelry? That would be such a game changer. Typically, retail anti-theft devices have not been designed with jewelry in mind. They are designed for clothing and have been adapted for jewelry and accessory usage only because there have not been other options available. As a result, these devices are usually attached to the packaging and not directly onto the jewelry.

This creates effectiveness issues as the retail anti-theft devices are easily defeated by separating the product from the packaging. Once the packaging is removed it is very easily discarded. That is why empty jewelry cards or tags found in a store are a clear indicator of theft.

Because the Alpha Jewel Lok is tailored for a specific product, the overall effectiveness is increased. Alpha Security designed the Alpha Jewel Lok retail anti theft devices to attach directly onto the product and not to the packaging. This makes it more difficult to steal the jewelry since the Alpha Jewel Lok provides a form of product denial. Without the detachers, it is virtually impossible to defeat the locks. It is more likely that you will destroy the jewelry before you can defeat the Alpha Jewel Lok.

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