The broad spectrum

How cool is it to have so many different, and specific retail anti theft devices to prevent shoplifting?

 Retail anti theft devices have come a long way since the days of plain old hard tags. They evolved into dual ink tags, soft tags, and now they are in just about every size and shape imaginable to protect your varied inventory needs.

 Alpha has a wide range of high theft solutions that they have worked hard to ensure meet your high customer service standards. There is a very good reason why Alpha has been doing this for over thirty years.

 Let me point out their line of 3 Alarm products that they have developed. The 3 Alarm refers to the three phase audible alarm embedded into their retail anti theft devices. It alarms at the doors, it alarms if tampered with, and it alarms for ten minutes after it has been removed from the store.

 The 3 Alarm products include bottle locks for liquor and wine bottle security. They also have keeper boxes for items like cosmetics, razors, or colognes. And they have clothing solutions that include a hard tag and a lanyard to protect both garments and accessories.

 When you create such a wide spectrum of products, you know that the technology involved will be consistent regardless of which solution you need.

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