The Best Way to Prevent Shoplifting

Trust no one. It sounds terrible, I know, but maintaining this mindset is the best way to prevent shoplifting in your store. The kindly old lady, the doe-eyed adolescent, that fellow in the wheelchair… no one. I once caught a woman who was, shall we say, weight challenged. Therefore a few unsightly rolls in her sweat suit wouldn’t draw any abnormal attention on a normal day. On this day, however, she got sloppy and a brand new girl’s t-shirt was protruding from her beltline. Once we stopped her we discovered 2 things: 1. she was nowhere near as big as we thought. 2. it’s possible to stuff $800 worth of merchandise in a 3X sweat suit.

To prevent shoplifting you must never be lax in your observation skills. About a week ago a woman in her 50’s came into one of the grocery stores I work for. She was nice and friendly to everyone, almost interrupting the staff from their daily routine with her long conversations. She selected a few things, went to the register and paid for them. She then walked back to the pharmacy where she held a conversation with the girl behind the counter for about 20 minutes, but never filled a prescription.

On her way out she grabbed an empty shopping cart that was in one of the aisles and took it down the pet food aisle. She filled that cart to the brim with dog food and made her way to the front of the store. She even waved good-bye to a woman working behind the floral counter before pushing that cart full of unpaid merchandise directly out the door. Oh, did heads hang low when I walked her back into the building. She never lost her cool though. She remained sweet and charming to me and even to the police officer that arrested her. Trust no one. It’s not exactly a hallmark sentiment, but it is the best way to prevent shoplifting.

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