The Benefits of 3 Alarm Technology to Prevent Shoplifting and Liability

There is a large amount of shoplifting in retail stores today.  In fact, shoplifting is a multi-billion dollar a year industry.  It affects not only your store’s profits, but the economy as a whole.  In addition, there is a lot of liability in making shoplifting apprehensions.  Not only can injury be a result, but so can slander, unlawful imprisonment, etc. as well.  Many companies have gone away from making apprehensions altogether as the liability is just too high.  This is not a real solution as it then makes them a target for increased activity and possible Organized Retail Crime.  So how do you prevent shoplifting and keep liability in check?

The answer is by using 3 Alarm technology from Alpha Security.  Retail anti theft devices are a staple in the Loss Prevention industry because they work.  Items like EAS tags pose a danger to shoplifters as it draws attention to them which can lead to their arrest.  This is an important tool in the fight to prevent shoplifting.  To take this one step further Alpha Security created 3 Alarm technology.  These retail anti theft devices have an alarm built in.  So not only does the door alarm sound, but if tampered with or stolen the item alarms itself. 

This “alarm” part of the 3 Alarm technology is where the reduced liability comes into play.  Many times the EAS alarm sounds and we don’t know why.  It is tricky to engage the person who set off the alarm without making accusations that will come back to bite us.  It is much easier and safer to question the alarm sounding from their pants.  While a customer can blame a new wallet or their cell phone for setting off the door alarm, there really is no way to explain the alarm from within their personal possession.  This gives store associates a much less liable way to ask for their product back.

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