When you want to prevent shoplifting you must understand how a shoplifter steals. They need only several seconds in most cases to conceal your merchandise. You need to be aware of how they conceal it. And be on the look out for the signals.

Purses, large or small                               
Shopping bags from your store or others                         
Under clothing                        
In pockets-this is the most common                            
Infant strollers-who would demand to see under the baby or wake them up
Ticket Switching:                         
Remove higher price ticket and put a lower one in its’ place. Or placing a sticker with a different barcode over the one on the package. Barcode software is available over the counter.            
Change ticket price with a pen or pricing gun. This may be to just create confusion while a partner is the one stealing.   
Customer removes the tag from new merchandise, claims it was purchased and receives the cash. Without ever leaving your store!                

Customers making frequent refunds. Track who is refunding. Require ID.

Same person using different names and addresses to obtain refunds.
Used Receipt  – Receipt from a previous purchase is used to obtain a refund on additional merchandise.                           
Asking to see more merchandise than employees can keep track of.         

Using another person or a small child to keep the employee occupied while a partner steals merchandise.   
Shuffling merchandise around

I will never forget the rather large woman who was stealing 22lb frozen turkeys by holding one between her thighs, under her dress. OK that is a bit disgusting. That’s why I waited to blog about this after Thanksgiving.

Shoplifters are good at what they do. You have to be better. Get trained; get the right equipment and tools to help you and most important get the right attitude. Your effort to prevent shoplifting has to be a 24/7 endeavor.

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