Store managers ask, “How can I prevent shoplifting?”

Many times I have been asked by a manager or store owner, “how do I  prevent shoplifting?”

According to the 2010 University of Florida National Retail Security Survey, retail stores lost  $11.7 billion to shoplifting in 2009. As organized retail crime (ORC) continues to grow, one thing has become clear, you must be proactive to  prevent shoplifting and grow your net profit. One of the easiest ways to prevent shoplifting is to know your inventory and to educate your employees. I was recently in a large big box store. Utilizing the shrink by sub-class stat report, I discovered that the store had lost over $12,200 in Crest White Strips last inventory cycle. When I asked the Health and Beauty Department supervisor what her highest shrinking item was, she hadn’t a clue. As we walked the sales floor, I counted four different types of Crest White Strips on the shelf, totaling 38 boxes and roughly $1,020 in that product.

A 10 minute talk with that supervisor will save that store thousands next inventory cycle.

These approaches will help prevent shoplifting:

1. Use checkpoint security labels on high theft items (such as white strips). This is a deterrent        even if you don’t have Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) at your doors.

2. Limit your inventory of high theft items (such as white strips) on the sales floor. ORC units strike quick and are professional thieves. If you have 38 boxes out, 38 will be gone in one hit.

3. Conduct weekly inventory cycle counts of your three highest shrinking items (such as white strips). If you see losses after tagging, and after limiting what is available on the sales floor, it may be an internal theft issue and lock up the high theft item in your stock-room. Notify a Loss Prevention Investigator immediately. 

4. Educate all employees in every area about the top 3 shrinking items in their areas. If they see customers in that area, superior customer service is in order. Make their presence known and prevent shoplifting!!

For more information visit:  prevent shoplifting or call 1.866.914.2567