Stop Thief! Prevent Shoplifting the Efficient Way – Atlanta Georgia

Yelling “Stop Thief!” at a shoplifter who is leaving a retail store probably isn’t the most efficient way to prevent shoplifting, although some business owners would probably argue that it couldn’t hurt.  Shoplifting does hurt retailers, however, right where it does the most damage – in the pocketbook.  Shoplifting means lower profits, lower stock levels, and lower morale among employees.

 Checkpoint Systems has a way to control customer theft that is a lot more acceptable than screaming at the top of your voice at a shoplifter exiting your store.  Checkpoint is designed to detect protected merchandise that has not been purchased as it passes through a detection field at the store’s exit.  Once the sensor is detected, an alarm sounds that alerts the store staff and the customer that there is an item passing through that still has an activated label or a special tag attached.  These labels and tags can only be deactivated or removed at the point of sale by a store employee.

 Once the alarm sounds, store staff approaches the customer to determine the cause of the alarm.  Training on the best way to accomplish this is provided by Checkpoint Systems so that legitimate customers aren’t offended and shoplifters are dealt with quietly and quickly.

 The presence of a system, tags, and labels are enough to discourage retail thieves and prevent shoplifting by casual shoplifters and most professionals, who had rather target an easier victim than one protected by a retail anti theft device.

 Retail businesses of all kinds are using EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) systems and are finding that their shrinkage figures are substantially reduced and their net profits are maximized as shoplifters migrate to other locations to carry out their crimes.

 Using one of Checkpoint Systems retail anti theft devices is a much more efficient way to prevent shoplifting than to find a shoplifter and yell at him as he leaves your store.

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