Wouldn’t it be great if merchandise could help raise an alert when someone was attempting to steal it?  Now it can.  Alpha Security provides several retail anti theft devices that alert you to theft in several ways.

 The first way is with the AM or RF (whichever you choose) alarm system that you use.  The Alpha spider wraps and S3 alarm tags will work with your existing EAS system to sound the door alarms when someone tries to leave with tagged merchandise.  Additionally, both devices have built in alarms that will activate if the product is taken too far from the store.  Imagine someone trying to load up a bag full of product and then walk through the mall with all of these alarms going off in their bag.  Call me crazy, but I imagine that will bring them quite a lot of unwanted attention.

 Finally, the spider wraps will alarm if they are tampered with.  The spider wraps have a wire that is used to wrap around the product and attach the device to the product.  If someone tries to cut the wire to remove the spider wrap then the alarm sounds and employees can respond immediately to the situation.

 Retail anti theft devices are never going to stop all of the theft, but you will be amazed at how much you can prevent shoplifting with tags that “speak for themselves”.

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