Stop Shoplifting and Manage Your Inventory Better

The best way to manage your inventory is to make sure you track your sales and your inventory receipts. Retailers have to not only manage their inventory, but they also have to prevent inventory shortages.  Unfortunately this process is not as easy as it sounds because of that well known criminal element called, the shoplifter.  Retailers diligently try to prevent shoplifting in their stores.

            One way retailers are trying to prevent shoplifting is by using retail anti theft devices in their stores.  Retail anti theft devices like clothing security tags and clothing alarms are very easy and simple to use and apply to merchandise.  In an effort to track and better manage inventory, some retailers have begun using RF security tags and labels. 

The RF security tags operate using an RF frequency and interacting with a frequency detection device.  The RF devices have become the standard theft deterrent devices being used in stores.  The ability of the device to help manage inventory and prevent shoplifting has really appealed to the retail industry.

The need to be successful at eliminating inventory losses due to shoplifting is essential to the long term viability of any business.  When retail anti theft devices first became popular, retailers only used them on the high dollar merchandise.  What they found out was that they were keeping the high dollar merchandise, but losing the lower priced high profit margin products.  This made a lot of retailers began to use more retail anti theft devices in their stores.  This increase in merchandise protection, lead to a decrease in the number of shoplifting incidents being reported by the stores.

In business it is important to keep waste and inefficiency to a minimum.  This is why effective inventory management and control is so important.  Every retailer must put a program in place to address the potential inventory losses due to shoplifting.

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