Spider Wraps help defend a web of deceit.

Have you ever noticed empty holes on your shelf, but your inventory system says you should have the product?  Have you ever found empty boxes in back corners of the store?  Theft and loss is a major part of the retail industry.  We all face theft and we all work hard to prevent shoplifting.  In most cases we use some type of retail anti theft devices to help prevent shoplifting.  Guess what … it still happens.  So what do you do when traditional methods to prevent shoplifting stop working???

 One suggestion is to check out products from Alpha Security.  One top product that has paid huge dividends in my company is the Spider Wrap.  Unlike traditional retail anti theft devices the Spider Wrap completely encompasses the product.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had shoplifters peel EAS labels off of my boxed products and then steal them anyway.  The Spider Wrap eliminates this by using a wire to cross all 4 sides of the box and hold a hard tag in place.  This cannot be simply removed.  

Another great function of the Spider Wrap is the built in alarm.  If a would-be shoplifter tries to cut the wire then the alarm sounds and draws immediate attention to that person and associates can react while he/she is still in the store versus waiting until they are running out the door and it’s too late.  Additionally, if you add the Nano Gate to your system then if a shoplifter tries to walk out with protected items then the Nano Gate will set off the sensor alarm on the product.  It is easy to explain why a door alarm is going off; it is much harder to explain why your pants or bag are alarming.  The Nano Gate and Spider Wrap are a great solution to prevent shoplifting when traditional methods fail.

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