Spider wraps from Alpha. A great way to prevent shoplifting without preventing sales.

Spider wraps from Alpha are the cutting edge in retail anti theft devices.  We all know that it is important to prevent shoplifting in order to be successful.  What we have all found is some retail anti theft devices have the unintended consequences of also preventing sales.

 Locked cases are the death touch for sales.  We have all used them and in some cases they are just plain necessary.  The problem is customers don’t want to wait for an associate so they can read the info on a package and decide if it is the right product for them.  Customers want to handle the product and when they can’t they don’t buy.  Spider wraps are the answer to this quandary.  The Spider wrap is a reusable wire that goes around boxed product and secures an alarm to the product.  If the item with the Spider wrap tries to leave the store, via theft, then the alarm will sound.  Additionally, if a really smart crook tries to cut the wire the alarm will sound.  In case you have never used this product let me fill you in on a little secret.  This is not a small alarm.  This joker is loud and sure to draw lots of attention to the shoplifter.  The result, shoplifters don’t mess with products in Spider wraps as there is no good way to beat this system.

 Another positive about this is you can virtually do away with locked cases.  Those high dollar items that you once had under lock and key can now be displayed on the shelf for customer to look at, handle and hopefully buy.  In truth the product pays for itself in increased sales as well as prevent shoplifting.  Not bad for a little ole retail anti theft device now is it?

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