Spider Wrapping to stall shoplifters

It’s odd looking, a little cumbersome, and makes funny loud noises if mishandled.  I speak, of course, of Spider Wraps.  They are retail anti theft devices specifically designed to prevent shoplifting of larger, bulk items.  In my store Spider Wraps can be found protecting things such things as televisions, power tools, and vacuum cleaners.  It takes a bit of effort ensuring the floor staff properly applies them where they are required but it is simply part of the job facilitating such loss prevention policy.  What good are retail anti theft devices if they aren’t being used in a great enough quantity?

A Nano Gate is also needed at the entry point of your store to provide your Spider Wraps with a secondary alarm system.  While the units do possess self-contained alarms which sound when they are tampered with (like when someone cuts one of the cords without disabling the alarm) they won’t do anything if someone walks out of the store with a Spider Wrapped product but no Nano Gate to trigger the secondary alarm.  Of course, those in the know have their methods of disabling or removing the units, but such methods are messy and time consuming, not to mention time consuming.  That is how they prevent shoplifting usually.  Most thieves will bypass a bulky product that is Spider Wrapped because they know how noticeable such an action would be.  While other retail anti theft devices are a little less conspicuous (like the 2 Alarm or 3 Alarm systems or Shark Tags and Jewel Locks) they are mostly meant for different applications.  That doesn’t mean they don’t have their uses or aren’t as effective, but they wouldn’t make quite the same impact for protecting large items.

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