Some Hints to Prevent Shoplifting – Atlanta Georgia

The effort to prevent shoplifting is more important than ever because in the current economy, statistics have shown an increase in the incidence of shoplifting versus previous years.  Many experts are predicting that the rates will continue rising.

It’s unfortunate that someone who plans to shoplift in your store or shop doesn’t wear a sign that says, “I AM A SHOPLIFTER!” or have it printed on his forehead so you could focus all your attention on him or her.  Unfortunately, shoplifters come in every shape and size, and from diverse backgrounds.  So to pick one out of a crowd of shoppers, most knowledgeable salespeople look for certain behaviors or characteristics in a potential shoplifter.

Here are some of the things to watch for:

o Did that customer that now carries a bag have that bag when she came in?  Acknowledge each customer as they enter or as soon as you can.
o Watch the shopper’s eyes.  Does he need help, or is he watching you?
o The customer seems to avoid you as you approach and refuses your offers to help.
o Be aware of customers with “props” – rolled up newspapers, large bags, baby strollers, and other items that can be used to hide merchandise.
o Customers who enter the store in a group then quickly split up to different areas of the store.
o Customers who continually walk into “blind spots”, out of your view.
o The customer who is too talkative, appears nervous or acts overly friendly, or tries to confuse you.

These are only a few of the things to watch for, but can be some of the most obvious. There are many potential shoplifters who have been deterred because they “just didn’t act right” and were noticed by an observant salesperson who approached the customer. greeted them, and offered to help.

Excellent customer service to each customer remains the most important defense to prevent shoplifting.

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