Solutions to Prevent Shoplifting That Work

There are only a few  ways to prevent shoplifting that not only work well but are also cost effective.  It is important to clearly understand the issue you are experiencing so that money isn’t spent “winging it” or based on a guessing game.

One of the most popular “winging it” solutions smaller retailers use is the installation of a camera system. This is believed to be a deterrent but in many cases this is not true.  There are three types of shoplifters: Impulsive, Amateur, and the Professional.  The impulsive shoplifter may be deterred by the installation of a CCTV/ camera system because they believe you may be watching them; however, amateur and professional shoplifters realize that you are not staring at a CCTV monitor 24 hours a day and they don’t care if they are recorded on video that will be viewed long after they are gone. A CCTV system is used by larger retailers for liability defense more than anything else in cases such as evidence in a slip and fall lawsuit. 

Some retailers may believe their burglar (or security) alarm is an  solution to prevent shoplifting.  This is  designed to protect the premises when the store is unoccupied and subject to burglary.  Shoplifting occurs during business hours and the burglar alarm is turned off.

Most major retailers use an EAS – Electronic Article Surveillance – system to prevent shoplifting.  Checkpoint Security Systems offers the most technologically advanced EAS system, using RF (radio frequency) detection vs. the older technology of AM (acousto-magnetic.)

These systems employ pedestal antennas at entry/exit points that will detect protected merchandise when approaching the unit.  This is an active system that alarms when the event is occurring. The cost is generally far less than a comprehensive CCTV system and the solution will deter theft at the rate of a proven 50% to 70% immediately.

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