So, what is the best way to prevent shoplifting??

There are many ways to prevent shoplifting.  One way is to utilize retail anti theft devices.  Another option is to train all associates how to properly engage customers and give that “extra” attention to would-be shoplifters.  Yet another option is to hire Loss Prevention Agents to apprehend shoplifters.

 The real answer to how to best prevent shoplifting is to employee a strategy that combines all of the above tools.  First, retail anti theft devices, such as sensor tags and keeper cases, go a long way to deterring theft.  They also make it harder and more obvious when someone is trying to steal this product.  That helps gives your store associates and Loss Prevention Agents more time to react.

 Secondly, you want knowledgeable and engaging associates.  While you don’t want to assume the liability that comes with your store staff making apprehensions; you do want them to recognize signs of shoplifting and you want them giving extra attention to suspected shoplifters.  Engaged associates will deter would-be shoplifters and they will increase your customer service for your good customers.  This is really a win-win option.

 Finally, I suggest you employee trained Loss Prevention Agents in order to prevent shoplifting.  You can hire these yourself or you can use contract LP.  Shoplifters quickly learn whether your company makes apprehensions or not.  When they find out you don’t have LP and the store staff doesn’t make arrests then they will continue to steal from your company and tell all their friends.  Having LP available to make routine apprehensions lets the shoplifting community know that you are not an easy mark.  When you add LP to a store with retail anti theft devices and engaged associates you are well on your way to keeping shoplifters away from your store and away from your profits.

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