So how do you REALLY prevent shoplifting???

The answer to how they can prevent shoplifting is one that all good business owners search for at some point in time.  The reason is simple.  Shoplifting plays a major role in the success of the business’s profitability and has to be factored into the business model.  There are a couple of ways to stop shoplifting that I have found to be quite successful in my career.

 The first step to prevent shoplifting is to educate your employees.  Let them know what shoplifting is, who does it (everyone), how they do it and what to look for.  Then you want to empower them to act.  Now hear me loud and clear, you DO NOT want your employees making apprehensions or accusations. There is too much liability and personal safety in that method.  What you want to encourage is world class customer service.  Shoplifters want to be left alone and have privacy to do their dirty deeds.  If your employees follow the suspected shoplifter around the store and give great service then a good customer will be happy with the service level and the shoplifter will leave and go somewhere else.  This is a win-win if you’re keeping score.

 The second is to utilize retail anti theft devices.  There are several good ones out there.  Most everyone knows about Checkpoint security and their EAS tags. These have great deterrent effect, are cost efficient and work.  Putting EAS tags on high theft / high dollar merchandise is a great way to prevent shoplifting.  Another option, I one I have grown to love, is using retail anti theft devices such as safer cases and spider wraps.  Alpha security is one of the best makers of these products.  Safer cases lock up the merchandise in little boxes that the customer can easily get, but can’t easily steal.  Spider wraps do basically the same thing accept they have an alarm if tampered with.

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